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Beer on Tap - Brewery Fresh!

We sell all the beer we package, but we don't package all the beer we sell... If you are looking for a taste experience and the freshest beer then come and try some of our on tap only beers. We guarantee you wont be disappointed. But before you commit, ask any of our our friendly trained brewery staff for a sample, they will be happy help you find what your looking for.

The Standard.jpg

The Standard

This is "The Standard" by which all other beers are judged. A traditional lager, filtered bright with a clean finish.

ALC 4.6%

IBU 16

Super Dry - Low Carb

A low carb full flavour lager. Crisp and refreshing.

ALC 4.0%

IBU 14

Super Dry.jpg
Aust Premium Lager.jpg

Export Premium Lager

A taste of Australia. Full strength, full flavour. Ultra filtered for the cleanest possibly finish.

ALC 5.2%

IBU 24


Strong roasted flavours with a full body mouth feel.

ALC 6.5%

IBU 40

Pale Beach Watermelon.jpg

On Tap Only!

Watermelon Seltzer

Clean and bright with a light pink hue. You will be amazed by our Watermelon seltzer. Ask for ice and a twist of lime.

ALC 4.0%


On Tap Only!

Chocolate Coffee Stout

Full chocolate and coffee flavours on a stout base

ALC 5.0%

IBU 22

Chocolate Coffee Stout.jpg
Ginger Yowie.jpg

Ginger Beer

A traditionally brewed ginger beer with a strong ginger bite.

ALC 4.0%


Non Alc - Pale Ale

100% Flavour, 0% alc. With all the big aroma and taste of a Pale Ale without the alcohol. 

ALC 0% zero, nadah, zilch...

IBU 32

Prohibition Pale Ale.jpg
Prohibition Lager.jpg

Non Alc - Pale Ale

100% Flavour, 0% alc. Clean, crisp traditional lager flavour without the alcohol. 


IBU 32

Pale Ale

Big passionfruit and citrus aromas. Centrifuged and dry hopped to deliver a great body and lasting flavour.

ALC 4.2

IBU 36

Pale Ale.jpg


Big Big Big tropical aroma. Great balanced bitterness making this a very sessionable beer. 

ALC 5.0%

IBU 28

Indian Pale Ale

Big, bad and bitter! In true traditional style this beer delivers the exact profile you would expect from a true IPA.

ALC 6.3%

IBU 46

Pacific Ale.jpg

Pacific Ale

A great mid strength beer. Fruity aroma with plenty of flavour.

ALC 3.5

IBU 28

On Tap Only!

Tropic Thunder

Mango beer with huge tropical flavours. 


IBU 24

Tropic Thunder.jpeg
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