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The Hawkesbury River Rail Bridge was finished in 1889 completing the railway that connected Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The bridge, which was seen as a marvel of engineering, became a gateway to a pretty special place we call The Coast.

Here on The Coast, life’s just peachy; the beaches are better; the sky is bigger, the bush is the perfect back drop to a Sunday barbie. And the people, they’re the type that start off as friends but soon feel like family. Being a ‘Coastie’ means being part of a community, we value time spent together - we're proud of who we are and what we do.

So, when it came to finding a spot to brew beers that bring people together – we knew there was no better place.

At the Hawkesbury Brewing Co, we’re all about sharing stories and adventures, about making memories –  our beers and drinks are perfect way to celebrate and commemorate those moments. And now, the good vibes are spreading we’re sharing these Coastie connections far and wide.

Hawkesbury Brewing Company, creating great drinks, for the enjoyment of bringing people together.​​


About us

Headquartered along side our Brewery at Lisarow, on the Central Coast of NSW, we have over 10 years experience in beverage design and development.


At Hawkesbury Brewing Co. we pride ourselves on being a marketing-leading, Australian beverage production, packaging and filling provider. With state-of-the-art facilities and award-winning brewing and blending, our capabilities extend across a wide range of products, ensuring products of unmatched quality for ultimate enjoyment.

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